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Metah is a metaprogramming language family. Currently it has two members: Metah.W and Metah.X.

Metah.W: A Workflow Metaprogramming Language

Metah.W(MW) is a C#-derived metaprogramming language for Windows Workflow Foundation 4.5. It provides an alternative way of composing activities to the WF designer.

Metah.X: An XML Metaprogramming Language

Metah.X(MX)用自创的语法实现了XML Schema 1.0的语义,并且用C#实现了一个Schema-lized Document Object Model (SDOM),编译器编译MX代码后将生成使用SDOM的C#代码,这将XML Schema的语义映射到C#上,从而完全释放出XML Schema的力量。尽管现在只有C#版,实现Java版或其它语言版本是完全可能的。

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